PostMaster® Delivers

Wood fencing that is engineered to provide you with the strength of steel without sacrificing the natural beauty of wood.

Constructed of structural steel with a heavy galvanized coating, PostMaster can withstand high winds and heavy rain and will never rot or warp. Master Halco guarantees it - every PostMaster steel post is backed by a 15-year limited warranty.* PostMaster provides longevity and performance in a wood fence system which results in uncompromised value.

Why use a steel post when I could use wood?

Wood posts rot over time and can warp or twist due to rain, wind or extreme temperatures. The integrity and appearance of a wood fence is lost after the wood posts begin to rot from exposure or termite infestation. This deterioration weakens the post, sometimes to the point where it can no longer hold the fence up. PostMaster gives an ordinary wood fence the strength of steel.

Will steel posts withstand high winds?

Yes, if properly engineered. Steel posts are available in a wide range of weights (gauges) and strengths. PostMaster® posts are designed to withstand a 70-mph wind load (6’ Privacy fence with posts spaced every 8’) determined in accordance with the requirements of the 1994 Uniform Building Code for exposure “B”. This is the requirement for building departments in many cities. Be sure to check your local requirements and space your posts accordingly.

Will PostMaster rust?

PostMaster’s open design keeps moisture from collecting and the heavy galvanized (zinc) coating helps prevent premature rusting. PostMaster is manufactured using a steel base material conforming to the requirements of ASTM A 653, coating designation G90 galvanized (zinc) coating.

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